Cohesion policy (CP) is to ensure a harmonious and balanced development of the EU’s Member States by strengthening economic and social cohesion and reducing disparities in the level of development between regions (Art.174 of the Treaty)

With more than €350 billion total budget, Cohesion Policy (CP) is the EU’s main investment policy and one of its most concrete expressions of solidarity. Sound institutions and good administrative capacity are key for the success of these investments. Citizens have an important role to play in making public authorities more transparent and accountable and in making public investment more efficient and effective. (Source: European Commission newsroom)

For 2021-2027 the Policy`s objectives are:

  • 01. A Smarter Europe
  • 02. A Greener, low-carbon Europe
  • 03. A more connected Europe
  • 04. A more social Europe
  • 05. A Europe closer to citizens

The challenges for the implementation of the Cohesion Policy are

Not all citizens understand Cohesion Policy and its strategic priorities and how its principles are being translated into practice.

Not all citizens understand CP`s benefits on their daily lives and tend to criticise their governments for contributing to it

Citizen`s participation is a prerequisite for transparency and effectiveness of the decision making of the government or regional/local authorities but yet citizens are not active enough.

Mechanisms for citizens’ participation in state and local government are not known to many citizens and very few young people (perhaps besides youth leaders and workers) are aware of this legislation in BG and RO.

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RoBulUs stands for Tools for Enhancing Youth Engagement in Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation. It is an initiative that supports youth in becoming more aware and involved in decision making processes. 

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