Civic participation represents people`s right to legitimately participate in the processes of strategic planning and governance. It empowers stakeholders to take part in decision-making and thus, contributes to finding solution that is appropriate for all parties. Moreover, it forms a commitment for applying and monitoring of these decisions. 

Civic participation may have different forms and expressions. Most often, its main results is related to the creation of considerable social or societal change, which brings additional effects as well.  

Young people are key source of innovative ideas and carriers of resources and energy for their realization.

They are also the expected beneficiaries of that change. That means that it is them who need to undertake the role of legitimate partner in the strategic planning and to openly state their position on current themes. This means that they must use their right for democratic engagement through the proposed regulatory mechanisms.

The Interactive guide `Vision for Cohesion`, developed within the RoBulUs project supports them in this process. The handbook includes synthesized information regarding the established pathways for civic participation in the context of the Cohesion policy and also provides guidelines for their utilization and use in the real-life. This is a valuable helper, who serves to all interested citizens in the process of gathering information regarding the opportunities for engagement with the regional and local development.

The Guide is free and on disposal of all interested young people and active citizens.