Videos of success stories of citizens` participation in the implementation of INTERREG RO-BG programme

Civic participation is an opportunity for sorting out local and regional challenges. It guarantees real involvement of people in searching for solutions to everyday problems, as well as implementation of actions that support the development of a better society. 

Although there are number of different mechanisms and pathways for civic participation, it is most often implemented in the form of variety by their type and character initiatives. The Cohesion policy of EU provides resources for the implementation of such activities, that support the economic and social development of regions in need. 

The cross-border region of Romania and Bulgaria is one of these  disadvantaged areas, that look for solution of common challenges in order to unlock the full spectrum of their untapped potential. Support in that is offered by the joint cross-border programme. 

Six success stories of civic participation in he pm INTERREG V-A Romania – Bulgaria 2014 – 2020 are presented in this section. The results of these stories have contributed to the solution of different problems of the region and have also boosted its development. 

Ruse, Bulgaria
Good practice of Foundation "Idein Development"
Silistra, Bulgaria
Good practice of Association `Youth Organization for European Silistra
Constanta, Romania
Good practice of ONG `Mare Nostrum
Vidin, Bulgaria
Good practice of Association `Free Youth Center
Calarasi, Romania
Good practice of AISSER
Vidin, Bulgaria
Good practice of Institute for territorial innovations and cooperation

Practical Outline of the Mechanisms through which the citizens can engage in the design and future implementation of the Operational Programs

Civic participation is the foundation of good governance. It lays the foundation for the application of the principles of transparency, openness and efficiency in the planning and implementation of state policy.

The active involvement of citizens (especially young people) in decision-making and action at local and regional level is essential for the sustainable development of a more democratic, inclusive and prosperous society in which they will live and develop. Cooperation with people should become an integral part of the processes for determining the development priorities of the region or the country, as well as of the procedures for decision-making and implementation of policies aimed at meeting important public needs. This requires the formation and use of inclusion mechanisms through which to ensure sustainable results on truly important topics, the problems of everyday life of the average citizen.

In this regard, in the framework of project RoBulUs: Tools for enhancing youth engagement in Romania – Bulgaria cross-border cooperation, we developed a practical outline of the mechanisms through which the citizens can participate in the processes of decision-making. The focus of this document is towards provision of measures and identifications of local and regional priorities, that need to be reflected in the design and future implementation of Operational programs in Bulgaria and Romania. 

This practical outlines identifies and presents in synthesized form the legislative provided mechanisms for involvement of citizens and their organizations in the processes of planning, decision-making and their implementation to ensure sustainable local and regional development. Next – by providing the necessary knowledge, our Practical Outlines strive to encourage civic activism for inclusion in the implementation of the Cohesion Policy 2021 – 2027 and the use of its funding opportunities. 

The European Commission’s support for the production of this website does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

RoBulUs stands for Tools for Enhancing Youth Engagement in Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation. It is an initiative that supports youth in becoming more aware and involved in decision making processes. 

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